Princeton Sexual Assault Suspect Charged in 2nd Incident – Was in Country Illegally

pedro arias santiago
Pedro Arias-Santiago (Photo, Princeton Police)

Princeton sexual assault suspect, Pedro Arias-Santiago an illegal from Guatemala, was charged with a second incident on Friday.

Pedro Arias-Santiago was charged with a second break-in on Friday after he was arrested for sexual assault. reported:


A man accused of breaking into a Birch Avenue home and sexually assaulting a woman in her sleep Wednesday, also broke into another home on the same street weeks earlier, police said Friday.

Pedro Arias-Santiago, 26, of Princeton, was initially arrested just after midnight Wednesday after a 28-year-old woman said she woke up to find him sexually assaulting her in her sleep. She ran from the house and called police, who quickly arrested Arias-Santiago outside.

The news of the assault was widely published and on Thursday, another woman came forward.

The second woman – a 19-year-old from Illinois – told police she was staying at the home on Birch Avenue around 5 a.m. on June 14 when Arias-Santiago came in through an unlocked door. She heard Arias-Santiago inside and confronted him, police said. Arias-Santiago fled the house but the woman did not file a report until this week.

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