Hypocritical Democrats And Liberals In Media Have A Selective Memory On Civility In Politics

Bush Hitler

Amid the cries of “Lock Her Up!” at the Republican convention this week, Democrats and liberal media types have been pushing a narrative that paints Republicans as mean and uncivil.

Writing at The Atlantic this week, Ron Fournier opines:

Why the Republican Convention Is So Mean

“Lock her up! Lock her up!” Chris Christie nodded his approval as Republican delegates demanded the jailing of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. If the protest was impromptu, it was no accident: The prosecutor-turned-governor of New Jersey had called his Tuesday night speech an “indictment,” ending each section with a leading question: “Guilty or not guilty?”

The delegates—some of whom carried signs and wearing shirts saying “Hillary for Prison”—shouted a full-throated “GUILTY!”

This is an unusually negative convention—a low-blow infomercial focused far more on why Americans should vote against Clinton than why they should vote for Donald Trump. On Tuesday alone, 13 of the 19 speakers delivered addresses that largely assailed Clinton. Her record. Her character. Her scandals. Or, as one delegate scrawled in red ink across an unflattering photo of Clinton, “Her Unworthiness.”

To his credit, Fournier suspects the Democratic convention will also be negative but he’s not alone in noting the supposedly negative tone of the GOP convention. Turn on CNN or MSNBC and you’ll hear a flurry of concern trolling from supposedly objective journalists lamenting the anger on the floor.

Here’s some advice: Ignore them.

Their selective memory on civility in politics is nothing short of stunning. These are the same people who spent eight years painting George W. Bush as the new Hitler who used the Constitution as liner for a dog kennel.

In 2006, a film called “Death of a President” fantasized about the assassination of George W. Bush and received positive reviews from the New York Times. These people are going to lecture us on tone?

At Obama’s inauguration in 2009, Obama supporters in attendance booed Bush to his face and chanted “na-na hey-hey goodbye!” as Bush left.

Their cries for civility now are simply a form of psychological warfare.

In 2008, John McCain played a gentleman’s game and refused to go after Obama’s connection to people like Bill Ayers. Then he lost.

In 2012, Obama surrogates accused Mitt Romney of killing a woman with Cancer. Romney, like McCain before him, had no idea how dirty the left would fight to defeat him. He tried to take the high road. Then he lost.

Now we have Trump. What separates him from McCain and Romney, among other things, is that Trump knows what he’s up against and is willing to punch back twice as hard. Liberals know this and are also aware that their candidate is unlikable and toxic. That’s why they want civility now.

Ask yourself this: Will the same media types who are decrying the tone of the Republican convention say the same thing next week when the Democratic convention turns into a “Trump is a fascist” rally? Of course they won’t.

Democrats who take on Trump next week will be described as brave and bold, not negative and mean.

Andrew Breitbart once famously summed this up perfectly:

Andrew was right, this is a war.




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