FAIL: Bernie Sanders Endorsement of Hillary Clinton Flops With Millennials

Bernie endorses Hillary pic

Hillary Clinton was hoping an endorsement from Bernie Sanders would convince his young followers to get behind her campaign but it didn’t work.

Red Alert Politics reports:

New poll: Sanders endorsement flops with millennials

Hillary Clinton hoped that Bernie Sanders’s endorsement would lead to millions of young people supporting her campaign, but that hasn’t worked out.

Monmouth University produced a poll on Monday showing the overwhelming majority of millennials were unaffected by Sanders’s endorsement.

According to the poll, 63 percent of likely voters ages 18-34 said that the support from Sanders had no impact on them. Another 13 percent said they were less likely to support Clinton, and just 23 percent said it made them more likely to support the former first lady.

What the media isn’t reporting, is that many Bernie Sanders supporters felt betrayed by his endorsement of Hillary Clinton. He took their money and spent months telling them why they shouldn’t support her.

It’s amazing that both Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who claim to be against big banks and Wall Street, have endorsed Hillary Clinton. She’s the official Wall Street candidate.

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