DNC Excerpts: Hillary to Speak to Coal Miners Tonight – Who She Wants Fired

In March Hillary Clinton bragged to supporters at a CNN town hall in Ohio that she’s going to put a lot of coal miners out of work.

hillary coal jobs

Hillary is running on the promise to eliminate jobs.
She is heartless.

Tonight Hillary is going to speak to the coal miners she wants fired.
The Hillary Campaign released excerpts from her speech.


So I want to tell you tonight how we’re going to empower all Americans to live better lives. My primary mission as President will be to create more opportunity and more good jobs with rising wages right here in the United States. From my first day in office to my last. Especially in places that for too long have been left out and left behind. From our inner cities to our small towns, Indian Country to Coal Country. From the industrial Midwest to the Mississippi Delta to the Rio Grande Valley.

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