DONALD TRUMP Holds a 10 Point Lead Over Crooked Hillary in Latest Poll

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Donald Trump holds a ten point lead over serial liar Hillary Clinton in the latest real estate poll.
Trump basher Daniel Goldstein reluctantly reported the news at Market Watch:

Some Americans believe billionaire developer Donald Trump might still know more about real estate than his rival Hillary Clinton.

Some 39% of those polled said a Donald Trump presidency would improve U.S. real-estate values more than if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (29% ) became commander-in-chief, according to a survey carried out last month of 2,000 Americans by the Harris Poll on behalf of Trulia, a San Francisco-based real-estate research group.

Only 15% of Americans said that real-estate prices would fall under Trump, slightly higher than Clinton’s polling at 13% seeing a real estate decline under her presidency.

Notwithstanding most registered Democrats’ antipathy for all things Trump, 47% of those identifying as Democrats said housing prices would rise if the billionaire real-estate developer was elected, compared with just 24% who said the same about Clinton. Independents by a margin of 35% to 25% also saw Trump being better for real-estate prices. Trump owns his largest margin on the issue among younger voters aged 18 to 39, the poll showed, with a 21-point advantage of 49% to 28% .

Perhaps echoing his populist campaign of Americans left behind in the economic recovery, Trump performed best during the primary in counties that had seen only modest recovery (less than 4% ) in real-estate prices since the 2009 housing crash, while losing those that gained 6.6% or more. For her part, Hillary Clinton won counties in the primary where real estate appreciation was a modest 3% , while losing counties where real estate gains were 7% or better to Senator Bernie Sanders.

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