DNC Used Scripted Chants, Noise Machines, Light Tricks to Drown Out Bernie Protesters

This Was No Unity Convention–
The DNC used several tactics this week to drown out the Bernie Sanders protesters at their convention in Philadelphia.

A California Bernie Sanders delegate posted a video Thursday from inside the Wells Fargo Convention Center in Philadelphia.

The delegate claimed the DNC was blocking California Bernie supporters from entering the auditorium.
The party even put reserved signs on their seats!
reserved seats dnc


The DNC also put up white noise machines to drown out the Bernie protesters inside the convention center.
dns noise machines

Via Mike Cernovich:

The DNC also passed around scripted chants to drown out the Bernie protesters during Hillary’s acceptance speech.

And when all else failed they would cut the lights out over sections of Bernie supporters.

The convention was all a charade to fool Americans into believing the party was unified behind Hillary.

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