DISGUSTING! #NeverTrumpers Now Openly Promoting Hillary Clinton and Democrats

How Disgusting!
It wasn’t that long ago that the #NeverTrumpers pretended to be staunch conservatives too principled to support Republican record-setter Donald Trump.

Not anymore.
This week the #NeverTrumpers openly cheered Hillary Clinton and the Democrat-Socialist party.

hillary never trumpers

Breitbart.com reported:

Looking for any reason to praise Hillary Clinton’s prosaic acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, progressives took delight in the Never Trump conservatives on Twitter who heaped praise on Clinton’s patriotic happy talk in order to bash Donald Trump’s populist/nationalist speech the week before.
Here are some of the tweets highlighted by Katherine Krueger at the far-left Talking Points Memo:

John Podhoretz, son of Norman:

Former Cruz spokeswoman and National Enquirer’s “alleged mistress number two”:

Michelle Fields’ boyfriend:

Never Trump leader Erick Erickson:

There’s much more here.

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