Cruz Spokeswoman Pushes Ted Cruz for Veep…

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Ted Cruz has yet to endorse Donald Trump for president after being crushed in the Republican primary.
Trump shattered the GOP primary record this year by 1.4 million votes and 1,542 delegates to Cruz’s 559 delegates.

But now there are rumblings that Ted Cruz wants to be given the VP slot…
Cruz spokeswoman Alice Stewart went on CNN this weekend to push Ted Cruz as Donald Trump’s running mate. reported:

“I think Ted Cruz has tremendous momentum,” Stewart said next. “Needless to say, I think there’s some water that needs to be mended in between the two candidates. But that would be my pick.”

That Stewart would pitch Cruz—clearly another talented GOP candidate who if he joined forces with Trump would make them virtually unstoppable—is yet another sign that Cruz’s camp has clearly come a long way since the divisive primary. Other signs of recent progress include that Jason Miller, a senior communications adviser to Cruz, has joined the Trump campaign as communications director and Cruz Super PAC adviser KellyAnne Conway has joined the Trump campaign in a senior capacity as well.

“I’m saying who I think would be the best VP given [that Cruz was] number two coming out of the primary has tremendous support,” Stewart continued. “He is the leader of the conservative movement right now and I think he would be the best pick.”

Don Surber ties this to the #NeverTrump movement:


If Cruz wants the vice presidency, that would explain the true reason behind Never Trump.


It makes sense. Sabotaging the election process by appointing Cruzzers to spots Trump won fair and square, the constant arm-twisting to get Republicans to stay at arm’s length, and of course, threats to turn the convention into chaos, all explain the plan to demand the vice presidency.

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