Cleveland Taking Massive Security Measures for GOP Convention After Nice And Dallas

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As the Republican National Convention prepares to kick off this week, the host city of Cleveland has increased security measures significantly.

Far left American protest groups are only one worry. In the wake of recent terror attacks like the one in Nice, additional considerations come into play.

FOX News reports:


Cleveland beefs up security measures in wake of Nice terror attack

The area around the Republican National Convention site in Cleveland increased security measures Friday to thwart a similar attack to what occurred in Nice, France Thursday, adding concrete traffic dividers and tall metal fences.

According to Reuters, security experts said police, U.S. Secret Service agents and other law enforcement officials have viewed vehicles – similar to the truck that plowed through a crowd during Bastille Day festivities in Nice killing 84 revelers – as a potential threat since the early stages of planning for the convention.

However, the decision to add the protective barriers around the Quicken Loans Arena was taken before the attack. Ron Rowe, a high-ranking agent with the Secret Service, said Tuesday that some of the barriers would be going up that day, according to Reuters.

Security officials have mostly focused on stopping a car or truck bomb similar to one that hit the World Trade Center in 1993 and the Oklahoma City federal office building in 1995.

“A vehicle-borne attack is always something you’re concerned about,” Jason Porter, vice president for the central region of security provider Pinkerton, said.

Here’s a video report:

The Gateway Pundit’s own Jim Hoft will be reporting live from the convention throughout the week and I’ll be filling in here at the blog while Jim is busy.

It should be a wild week, hopefully a safe one too.

See the RNC website for more information here.

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