Cleveland Police Union Leader: ‘Obama HAS BLOOD ON HIS HANDS – That he Can’t Wash Off’ (Video)

Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association President Steve Loomis says Barack Obama has blood on his hands “that he can’t wash off.”

steve loomis

Loomis, who is president of the patrol officer’s union unloaded on Barack Obama today following the police massacre in Dallas last Thursday night.

Steve Loomis: Certainly when the president of the United States gets on TV and uses very divisive language, when the governor of Minnesota gets on TV and uses very divisive language that just serves to incite a very small group of people that have an agenda… And when you’re hearing from legitimate politicians, the President of the United States down to a local prosecutor, speaking in this very divisive way before one day of investigation is completed, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana or up in Minnesota, that’s very hurtful. And those gentlemen are going to have a lot to answer for. That’s inciteful and they have blood on their hands. They have blood that they’re not going to be able to wash off.

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