Citing Alleged Threats, FL Democrat Seeks to Ban ‘Hillary’s America’; Claims ‘Democrat Lives Matter’

A Florida Democratic Party official is demanding the Central Florida town The Villages stop showing the Dinesh D’Souza film Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party because of alleged threats made to local residents who expressed support for the Democrats.

Hillarys America Promo In Theaters Now

The call to ban Hillary’s America was reported by the Daily Commercial:

A top Democratic official in Sumter County has asked The Villages to stop playing a movie that he says portrays his party’s presidential nominee in a negative light and will incite violence against party members.

Joseph Flynn, a Democratic state committeeman and a Sumter County resident of the retirement community, said three residents in The Villages have been threatened with harm within the last week because of their expressed Democratic beliefs.

He said he feels the retirement community showing “Hillary’s America” will spark more threats. He said he met with a lieutenant from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office and The Villages management team early last week to convince them to stop the movie, to no avail.

“Hillary’s America” debuted at the Old Mill Playhouse in Lake-Sumter Landing in The Villages on Friday with dozens of patrons packing the theater during its first showing at 10 a.m., according to a theater manager.

“I have received a significant number of calls from people in Sumter County who viewed the trailer of this movie and voiced concern the movie will incite additional threats of violence against them and their property for being Democrats,” Flynn said. “Democrat lives matters”

Flynn said Friday he still was trying to set up a meeting with senior managers of The Villages to stop them from playing the movie.

…Flynn said that a Democratic sticker on a golf cart in The Villages elicited an “If I had my gun with me I would shoot you” response. He said another Democrat in The Villages who expressed her beliefs was threatened by someone who said they would shoot her with an AR-15.

Flynn said none of the incidents were reported to the sheriff’s office, which the sheriff’s lieutenant advised any victim to do in the future.”

D’Souza did not respond directly to the call to ban his film, instead he posted a link on Twitter to the Daily Commercial article.

“A diehard Democrat tries to stop the movie from playing because he says it will make people hate Democrats”

USA Today reported Hillary America’s cracked the top ten of films this weekend:

“Hillary’s America has landed in the 10th spot with $3.7 million in 1,217 theaters for a two-week total of $3.8 million, according to comScore.”

Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers released a music video Saturday promoting the movie entitled “Stand Up And Say So (Hillary’s America).”

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