CHAOS! Bernie Supporters Bang on Door of DNC Rules Committee Chanting “Let Us In!” (VIDEO)

Sanders supporters and grassroots activists delivered a petition with 600,000 signatures demanding the Democratic Party end the use of unelected officials to help determine presidential nominees.
protest dnc

The protesters banged on the DNC Rules Committee doors chanting, “Let us in!” and “Open the doors!”

The DNC Rules Committee rejected the group’s petition but the amendment will proceed to the convention floor this week.
That ought to be entertaining.


KRIS TV reported:

Bernie Sanders’ supporters protested outside a meeting held by the DNC Rules Committee Saturday. The protesters were chanting “open the doors!” but were kept out by security.

They are protesting to eliminate superdelegates in future elections, saying that it holds too much power in the nominating process. They believe that Sanders’ campaign was hurt by Hillary Clinton’s overwhelming support from superdelegates.

The amendment was defeated.

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