Brit Hume on Obama’s Response to Baton Rouge: He Realizes Now That He’s Vulnerable on This Issue (VIDEO)

Brit Hume Baton Rouge

If you saw President Obama’s statement on Baton Rouge yesterday, you know it was short, stern, and lacking his usual calls for left wing fixes like gun control.

Last night on Special Report with Bret Baier, Brit Hume offered an excellent analysis of Obama’s statement. Here’s what Brit said:

“I think the reason for the defensiveness, which Charles suggests was built into what the president was saying, is that he feels now, he recognizes now that he is vulnerable on this issue. That his early and instinctive reactions to what happened in Ferguson, Missouri and some of these other incidents have put him in a position where a lot of people look at that and say- Listen, Mr. President, if you hadn’t acted the way you acted about that, you wouldn’t have seemed so to enable the idea that killing police is somehow OK.

Now he never said any such thing as that but I think that’s where he thinks he’s got some vulnerability and his emphasis in his reactions to these things in the past have been to say “police acted stupidly” in Cambridge, his attitude at least perhaps more than his words on Ferguson suggested that the president is as suspicious and angry about police in America as some of the black activists in the street are and I think that leaves him in a vulnerable position.”

Watch the video. Skip to the 6:05 mark for Hume’s remarks:

That pretty much nails it.

Is there anyone who doesn’t think Obama bears some responsibility for what’s happening?

Other than his supporters, that is?


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