DONALD TRUMP Won More Youth Votes Than McCain, Romney and Hillary Clinton!

Donald Trump shattered the GOP primary record this year by 1.4 million votes.

And he won more youth voters than John McCain or Mitt Romney.
Trump also received a larger percentage of the youth vote than the previous two Republican candidates.
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The Washington Examiner reported:

Donald Trump has so far won more support from younger voters than the last two GOP presidential candidates and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

A new analysis of the primary youth vote from Tufts University’s Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life shows that in 21 primaries, Trump received 828,675 votes from those up to age 29, and Clinton 766,425. Sanders owned the category, receiving 2,052,081 votes.

And, said the report, “During the primary season, Donald Trump received a slightly larger proportion of youth votes than the two previous Republican nominees, Senator John McCain (2008) and Governor Mitt Romney (2012). Before all other candidates suspended their campaigns, Trump was receiving an average of 33 percent of youth votes per state, compared to McCain’s average of 29 percent and Romney’s 28 percent in their competitive primaries.”

And Trump received more of the youth vote than Hillary Clinton in the primaries this year.
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