BREAKING: NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY Heading to Baton Rouge to Protest “Pig Department”

black panthers

The New Black Panther Party is heading to Baton Rouge this weekend to protest the “pig department.”

Justice for Alton Sterling
alton panthers

Felon Alton Sterling was shot dead earlier this week after wrestling with local police.

John Binder at The Hayride reported:

The ‘New Black Panther Party,’ a militant racial group, announced that they will be arriving in Baton Rouge to protest outside of the Baton Rouge Police Department after Alton Sterling was shot during an altercation with a local officer, calling the headquarters the “pig department.”

On the group’s social media, they called the police department the “Baton Rouge Pig Department,” a term that is often used by militants against police officers across the country, in an exclusive Hayride report.

Check out the invitation to the protest, which is supposed to take place tomorrow and where sources tell the Hayride that out-of-towners are expected to show up in order to wreak havoc on the city.

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