BREAKING: Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee Hacked Too!


Russia – if you’re listening – I hope you’re able to find the hacked DCCC emails…

The FBI is investigating a cyber attack on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
This comes after the hack attack on the DNC earlier this year.
Politico reported:

Hackers apparently affiliated with Russian intelligence have launched a cyberattack targeting donors to the Democratic Party’s House campaign arm, sources and news reports said Thursday night, adding to the troubles unleashed by last week’s disclosure of embarrassing internal emails from the Democratic National Committee.

The latest hack, aimed at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, was perpetrated by one the two Russian-based groups previously blamed for rifling through the DNC’s computer networks and making off with emails and other documents, a security expert familiar with the latest breach told POLITICO. But this new attack “appears to be a bit different” the source said.

“It’s part of a broader intelligence collection effort,” the source said, adding: “It’s maybe an attempt to harvest credentials. … It’s not an email grab like the DNC.”

Even so, it ought to stoke anxiety for people throughout the political process, said Jim Manley, a former top spokesman for Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid.

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