UPDATE: SYRIAN REFUGEE SUICIDE BOMBER Targets Ansbach, Germany Music Festival – Bomber Dead, 12 Wounded

A report from the Ansbach, Germany news outlet Nordbayern.de states the mayor of Ansbach says an explosive device went off at a wine bar near the entrance to a music festival Sunday night.

Early reports are of one killed and ten injured by the blast.

UPDATE 8:40 p.m. CDT Press conference on attack:

“Bavarian Interior Minister Herrmann confirms: Suicide bomber in #Ansbach was 27-year old Syrian national who tried to enter Musical Festival”

“4. Germany: Attacker was known to local police. Was denied asylum recently but had temporary residence status. Tried to kill himself twice.”

“German police: Attacker was 27 y old Syrian man, detonation killed him and wounded 12, took place at entrance of music festival #Ansbach”

UPDATE 8:20 p.m. CDT Reporter 24 reports “Fourteen injured and one dead assassin” and that a 3 a.m. local time press conference has been delayed.

UPDATES BELOW: Report of man with backpack turned away from music festival who then went to wine bar where explosion took place. Police confirm suicide bomb attack.

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Google Translation from the original German report:

“The explosion in the Ansbacher downtown was not a gas explosion, but was caused by an explosive device. This said Ansbach Mayor Carda Seidel told journalists. It is still unclear how many explosions have existed. Whether it concerned a stop and who lit the explosive device, is not yet known. The explosion occurred in front of a wine bar in the Pfarrstraße, before the inlet into the hippodrome. There the Ansbach Open will take place at the time, a three-day music festival that attracts many visitors. The concert was canceled, some 2,500 visitors left the venue. Police had initially spoken of a “restaurant explosion.”

“Die Explosion in der Ansbacher Innenstadt war keine Gasexplosion, sondern wurde durch einen Sprengkörper ausgelöst. Dies sagte Ansbachs Oberbürgermeisterin Carda Seidel vor Journalisten. Es sei noch unklar, wie viele Explosionen es gegeben habe. Ob es sich um einen Anschlag handelte und wer den Sprengsatz zündete, ist noch nicht bekannt. Die Explosion ereignete sich vor einer Weinstube in der Pfarrstraße, vor dem Einlass in die Reitbahn. Dort finden zur Zeit die Ansbach Open statt, ein dreitägiges Musikfestival, das viele Besucher anzieht. Das Konzert wurde abgebrochen, rund 2500 Besucher verließen den Veranstaltungsort. Die Polizei hatte zunächst von einer “Gaststättenexplosion” gesprochen.”

UPDATE VIA REPORTER 24 (via Google Translate):

“Even firefighters from Nuremberg were requested. There should be an explosion in front of a wine bar. Rescuers speak of an unexploded backpack and refer to a first application message. Currently nothing would be reported from the operation site. A security staff of the festival reported that a man with backpack was rejected at the entrance. he then went to the local, just before it came to an explosion.

22:55 Police confirmed one dead and 10 injured
Large contingent of rescue teams in action, 350 rescuers
Police confirmed major incidents, but says nothing about the background
Definitely no gas explosion
SEK in use, interior minister on his way to Ansbach
Forces speak of explodiertem backpack
Several rescue helicopter on approach (also from Munich)
Music Festival Ansbach Open dawned
For witnesses notes the phone number is 0911 2112 – 3333 connected
Press conference at 3 am”

“suicide bomber confirmed! #AnsbachAttack It was a suicide attack #Ansbach http://www.presseportal.de/blaulicht/pm/6013/3386483 …”

Press Portal via Google Translate:

“Ansbach (ots) – On Sunday evening (24.07.2016) came there in the Ansbacher downtown to an explosion. A man by previous findings of the suspects, it was killed, at least ten people were injured.

Shortly after 22:00, the Operations Centre of the Police Headquarters Mittelfranken has been informed about the explosion in the Pfarrstraße. Currently, the area is cordoned off a large area.

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