Black Teen Activist CJ Pearson Called “Uncle Tom” and “N*gger” for Endorsing Trump – But Won’t Back Down (VIDEO)

This past weekend CJ Pearson, a 13 year old political activist and upcoming freshman at Evans High School, released a new video on his support for Donald Trump.

cj pearson hat

CJ put it this way,

I finally came off the sidelines after Hillary’s misguided pick of corrupt career politician Tim Kaine as her running mate and endorsed Donald Trump. Ever since making the endorsement, liberals have attacked me viciously calling me an “Uncle Tom”, a “n*gger”, and “brainwashed”

Here is one example of the abuse hurled at CJ.
nigga cj attack


CJ addressed the hate in a new Facebook Live video released Sunday.

The video has garnered more than 2 million views so far.

This brave kid gets it!

In October a liberal teacher told CJ he was “not worth saving in a fire” for his political views.

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