BLACK POWER GROUP Claims Responsibility for Dallas Police Shootings – Promises More to Come

bppo page header

The Black Power Political Organization Facebook page took credit for the deadly police shooting last night in Dallas.
The group claimed their sniper team took down “five police officers.”

Five police officers were murdered and several more were wounded.
black power shooting

The Black Power Political Organization Facebook page has since been deleted.

Russia Today reported:


In the same post, the group also promised to “assassinate” more police officers “in the coming days.” It called to “get your own sniper rifle” and join their thousands of “sniper assassins” across the world.

There hasn’t been any official comment on these statements, however, Dallas police said the killed suspect had told negotiators he was not affiliated with any group and acted alone.

In earlier publications, the group called “to end the oppression” of black people using the hashtags #BlackPower and #Blackknights, the cache shows.

The BPPO’s aim is to create the “United States of Africa”. Its rallying cries are: “Free yourself from the white men” and help “Free Africa from western and non-black people control.”

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