BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Delegates Plan ‘Yellow Shirt’ Action During Hillary Clinton Speech

Hundreds of Bernie Sanders delegates wearing day-glo yellow-green t-shirts with the statement ‘Enough is enough’ at the Democratic Party National Convention are planning an action during Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech for the party’s presidential nomination Thursday night.

Some have defaced Clinton signs so they now read LIAR rather than Hillary.

DNC Convention HiLIARy sign Brad Mielke Twitter

A video posted to Facebook by California Sanders delegate Eden McFadden, who earlier reported on the white noise machine that was installed over the California delegation, said that around 700 Sanders delegates, including herself, would be wearing yellow Sanders shirts.


McFadden notes that the black-lights used in the convention hall make the t-shirts stand out.

Reports at the convention took photos of the shirts, with one mentioning reporters were put on notice to watch out for the people wearing the shirts.

“If you see people in day-glo yellow shirts tonight, those are Bernie Sanders supporters”

“Sanders supporters wearing yellow shirts going down radio row telling some producers to “keep an eye on them” tonight. #DemsInPhilly”

“Meanwhile in the California delegation, “Hillary” signs being changed to “Liar.” #DNCinPHL”

A New York Sanders delegate posted that a white noise machine was also posted near the New York delegation and that signs were being confiscated.

“White noise machines installed near NY delegation to drown out our chants #DNCinPHL @JeanetteJing”

“At #DNCinPHL confiscating signs violating 1st Amend @JeanetteJing”

A report by Susan Ferrechio at the Washington Examiner stated some Sanders delegates planned to walk out or turn their backs on Clinton during her speech.

“Some of the delegates said they will stand on their chairs, turn their backs and hold up signs while Clinton is speaking. Others may walk out.

“”The message to everybody here is that all this talk of unity is a sham,” Pennsylvania delegate Guy Anthony said. “This is not a united party. This election has split the party in two. And Hillary Clinton has been a major factor.””

Roll Call reported on the two Sanders delegates who came up with the idea for t-shirt protest.

““We didn’t want to be forgotten this fourth day,” said Nita Lynch, who is from Denver and came up with the idea with fellow Sanders delegate Cleo Dioletis.

“You know, we had a caucus in Colorado where Bernie won 65 percent to Hillary’s 35 percent. And people there are hoping, are we still standing and representing them? So we wanted them to see: we’re here. We’re still here.”

“…Joining in was former Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, who pulled on one of the shirts.”

Clinton supporter Hilary Rosen criticized the Sanders supporter as ‘sexist’.

“#Sanders delegates in yellow shirts will turn backs on #Hillary? !sexist! Left Potus and Bill alone. Beat on #DWS and #HRC. #DemConvention”

Jennifer Marshall claimed along with her husband to have delivered the Sanders shirts.

“@jordanfabian. Nita Lynch & Cleo Dioletis started it. My husband, I and Abigail Field delevered 788 shirts to 27 delegations. Talk to us.”

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