Belgian Priest Stabbed by “Asylum Seeker” In his Own Home After Offering the Man Assistance

father belgium stabbed

Belgian priest Jos Vanderlee, suffered several wounds after an asylum seeker stabbed him in his own home. The man asked Father Jos for a shower to clean up then stabbed the priest after he wouldn’t give the man his money.
The Mirror reported

A priest has been stabbed in his own home by an asylum seeker he allowed in to use his shower – according to local prosecutors.

The priest – named locally as 65-year-old Jos Vanderlee – suffered injuries to his hands during the incident in Lanaken, Belgium.

Public Prosecutor of Limburg Coppin Bruno said the attack happened at around 2.40pm local time (1.40pm UK time) but have stressed they do not believe it was terror-related.

Prosecutors say the suspect had knocked on the priest’s home to ask for a shower and help.

After the shower the man allegedly asked for money and stabbed the priest when he said no.

The attacker is then said to have fled the scene.

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