Arizona GOP Promises to Send #NeverTrumpers Home from GOP Convention if They Go Rogue (VIDEO)

Arizona state GOP chairman says he will send delegates home who go AWOL at the upcoming GOP convention.

Talmage Pearce, an anti-Trump Arizona Delegate, says he is being bullied by the state Republican Party. Pearce was told the state Republican party will not pay for his room for his unethical behavior.

nevertrumper az

Donald Trump won ALL DELEGATES in the Arizona primary in a landslide.
This jackass thinks he can vote for someone else even though it is against the Arizona state party rules. Now he’s crying about being bullied.


Robert Graham, the Arizona Republican Party Chairman, told FOX News on Monday that if an Arizona state Republican delegate does not want to vote that the best solution is for them to stay home.

Graham said he will send home any rogue delegate who breaks party rules and does not vote for Donald Trump at the GOP convention.
According to Graham, “Disrupters will be removed.”

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