VIDEO=> Shock Report: Blacks Commit 11 Times More Homicides than Whites in America

heather macdonald war on cops
The War on Cops takes a closer look at the Ferguson Effect and the impact on our communities.

Investigate reporter Heather MacDonald, an expert on crime and policing, joined Martha MacCallum on America’s Newsroom to discuss her latest research on the “Ferguson Effect” and black crime in America today.

Following robber Michael Brown’s shooting death in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014, the homicide rate rose 17% in 56 US cities. The surge was heavily concentrated in cities with large African American populations.


Heather MacDonald shared these stunning statistics this morning:

We are in the midst of the largest crime spike, that’s practically unprecedented in one year. 17% is beyond thinking. If it had gone down 17% everybody would be high-fiving each other and the reason this is happening is nobody wants to look at the reality of inner city crime. Blacks commit homicides at 8 times the rate of whites and hispanics combined. If you take out hispanics, blacks commit homicide at 11 to 12 times the rate of whites. And that results in a black death rate that is six times that of whites and hispanics combined of homicides. Nobody wants to talk about the 6,000 blacks that are killed every year by other blacks.

Of course, MacDonald will be called a racist for going public with her findings.

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