Vast Majority of Refugees From The Middle East GET FOOD STAMPS AND MEDICAID

German Refugees

As Obama and Democrats work diligently to flood the United States with refugees, one fact is going largely unreported. An overwhelming majority of them receive taxpayer funded benefits.

Conservative Review reports:

What the Media Isn’t Saying About the Refugee Crisis in the Middle East

Here’s a question all liberal, open border politicians must answer as it relates to the refugee crisis: if wealthy Arab and Muslim countries are concerned about the security, fiscal, and cultural problems associated with admitting mass numbers of Syrian refugees, why should America be the guinea pig?

Following the widely viewed picture of the dead toddler washed up on the shore of Turkey, liberal NGOs dealing with refugee resettlement feel they have their bloody shirt moment in their relentless quest to flood the country with tens of thousands of additional refugees from the Middle East. But anyone who follows the Middle East can appreciate that prudent policy is a lot more complex than heartrending images of individual babies dying while fleeing an Islamic Civil War. For one thing, most of the migrants appear to be adult males. And the story of the drowned boy also appears to be more complex than initially thought…

America has taken in over 100,000 Somali refugees since 1993. We are paying for it to this day with growing radicalism in the areas they settled – to the extent that the U.S. Attorney from Minnesota said they have lost control over many individuals in the local Somali community who’ve connected with foreign fighters. And although the public charge is certainly not as grave as the security issues, it is still important nonetheless. Among refugees from the Middle East, 91.3% received Food Stamps and 73.1% received Medicaid.

It almost looks like Democrats are just using this issue to expand their voter base.


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