‘Moderate’ Jordanian Professor on Orlando Terror Attack: ‘Perverse’ Homosexuality Is Imposed by Global Zionism (VIDEO)

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Moderate Islamic Professor Ahmad Nofal of the University of Jordan addressed the Pulse nightclub massacre in his weekly comments. Nofal said gunman Omar Mateen was a “sick personality” with “perverse tendencies” and that “[homosexuality] is controlled and imposed upon the world by global Zionism, Allah’s number one enemy on Earth.”

MEMRI posted the transcript:

Ahmad Nofal: “(Omar Mateen) is a dramatic character that requires a film – a Hitchcock-style horror movie, like ‘Psycho’ from over 50 years ago – in order to portray this sick personality. The last thing one can do is link this creature to Islam. A person who is addicted to… To what? This is beyond our topic now. He visited this homosexual club for over three years. His wife said that he could not stand women. He clearly had perverse tendencies. Of course, the word ‘perverse’ is forbidden. What do you expect me to say? I am not going to use their words, because using such language is a crime and an aggression against the shari’a, against Islam, and even against God Almighty. God described (homosexuality) as an abomination and a disgrace, which runs counter to humanity, to religion, and to the nature of Man. And these criminals dare to call it marriage?! To hell with you! Brothers, forgive me for saying this, but I am forced to speak up on this, because (the Orlando attack) was exploited, not just by Trump… Oh, no. All the haters have exploited this incident – global Zionism, the local collaborating Arab media in its entirety… They have all exploited this incident, calling it ‘terrorism’ and ‘Islamic extremism’ … (Mateen) was not ‘Islamic’ He was never ‘Islamic.’ He was born in America, I believe.


“The American hero used to be measured by the number of Indians he killed. (Mateen) evoked the Western model of heroism, so don’t talk to me about his Islam or his identity conflict. He did not suffer from any identity conflict, and if he did, it was a conflict within the Western culture in which he grew up. These conflicts… The Church is now allowing gay priests to marry one another, having succumbed to the pressure of global Zionism. My brothers, (homosexuality) is controlled and imposed upon the world by global Zionism, Allah’s number one enemy on Earth. They force (homosexuality) upon the world. Every country must legislate laws to that effect. I visited South Africa 15 years ago or so, and the foreign minister said: ‘We had no choice but to legislate a law permitting this, because the International Monetary Fund set it as a precondition…'”

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