Facebook Posts Reveal Would-Be LA Gay Pride Bombing Suspect Supports Bernie Sanders …Update: AP Says He Intended No Harm?

would be bomber
On Sunday California police foiled a bomb plot on the Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade.

It looks like suspect James Howell, from Indiana, is a Bernie Sanders supporter.
Do you think this will make any headlines?
Red Alert Politics reported:

A would-be mass shooter was thwarted on his way to the Los Angeles gay pride parade on Sunday when he was stopped by law enforcement agents.

According to a Santa Monica Police report, James Howell was arrested with three assault rifles, high capacity magazines, and five gallons of chemicals capable of creating an explosive device — but this 20-year-old wasn’t a religious fundamentalist. He was a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

bernie bomber hillary

Howell’s Facebook page had several posts telling his friends to vote the Sanders and bashing Hillary Clinton, even comparing the former First Lady to Hitler.

He even wrote in a post that Sanders was the only candidate running for office who didn’t remind him of the former German fascist.

bomber bernie
“Looks like if you aren’t voting just pick Bernie, because he looks like he isn’t a charismatic Hitler…”

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UPDATE: The AP says the suspect did not mean to harm anyone and says he is gay.

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