TYPICAL: Liberal Juan Williams of The Five Blames Trump For Rioters in San Jose (VIDEO)

Juan Williams on Trump protesters

The FOX News panel show ‘The Five’ led today’s broadcast with discussion of the violent anti-Trump riots in San Jose last night. While everyone agreed that the violence was terrible, Juan Williams couldn’t resist the urge to blame Trump.

Here’s what Juan said:

“What I really disagree with all of you about is the idea that Trump bears no responsibility, this is a guy, who it seems to me has antagonized Mexican Americans and what are we talking about? We’re talking about here in San Jose, we’re talking about Burlingame a month ago when he had to jump the fence off the highway, we’re talking about Albuquerque in New Mexico.

I think this is a guy who says Mexico is sending its worst people and they’re rapists and they’re criminals and we need to build a wall and we need to keep out the Muslims. He is – nobody is advocating violence, but…”

Everyone else on the panel seemed flabbergasted by his suggestion that Trump is responsible.


Watch the video:

You can bet there are plenty of other liberals in media who think the exact same way as Williams.


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