Saudi Twin Brothers Stab Mother to Death for ISIS

brothers isis mother

Two Saudi twin brothers stabbed their mother to death for the Islamic State.
Arab News reported:

Police have arrested twin brothers, linked to the terrorist group Daesh, for stabbing their mother to death and injuring father and brother at their home in Al-Hamra, Riyadh, the Interior Ministry announced on Friday.

Sources said the 18-year-olds tried to flee to Yemen, but were arrested in Al-Kharj and are under investigation.

The killings caused panic in the area with many taking to social media to express their horror and condemnation.

The gruesome crime took place on Thursday night with the two attacking their mother first with knives inside a storeroom at their home, where she succumbed to her injuries.

Then they attacked their father, who was taken to a local hospital. They had apparently chased their younger brother to the roof of their home and also stabbed him. He was later taken to Sanad Hospital in Riyadh in a serious condition.

The sources said that a younger sister saved herself by locking herself up in a room inside the home.

The ministry confirmed the two Saudi brothers are members of Daesh. They had stopped attending school two years ago while in secondary school. They had apparently isolated themselves in their room, watching content on their computers. Several books and newspapers on religion were found in their room.

According to sources, a neighbor heard shouting from the house on Thursday night and when he went to investigate, he found the mother, who was in her sixties, dead in a pool of blood.

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