Video=> TRUMP Destroys Obama, Hillary After Orlando Islamist Massacre: “It’s Almost Like They Gave Up on ISIS”

Donald Trump DESTROYED Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s incoherent security positions that have failed to keep America safe after the Orlando Islamist massacre last weekend.

TRUMP Takes on Hillary and Obama for failing the nation after 49 innocents were slaughtered by an Islamist in Florida.

Islamist killer Omar Mateen slaughtered 49 innocents at a gay club in Florida early Sunday morning. He was texting, Facebooking and making calls during the massacre.


Trump made these powerful and honest remarks in Dallas on Thursday night.

Donald Trump: They gave up on the borders totally. They gave up on so many things. They certainly gave up. It’s almost like they gave up on ISIS… You saw what one sleazebag can do. One sleazebag over the weekend what he did. The horror that he wreaked on us. As us as a nation. One person, laughing as he’s shooting. Doing Facebook posts as he’s shooting. Calling people as he’s shooting. And killing people, and no more folks.

Of course, Obama blamed Republicans and guns after the worst Islamist attack in America since 9-11.

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