Three Days After Chief Vowed Justice, San Jose Police Has Not Announced Arrest of Black Muslim Who Chased, Tackled White Trump Supporter

San Jose Police cannot say whether or not a Black male Muslim who bragged online about chasing and tackling a white male Donald Trump supporter has been arrested even though his identity, Seyfudin Mohamud, has been known since last Friday and he is a flight risk with roots in Minnesota and likely Somalia, a spokeswoman for the SJPD told The Gateway Pundit Monday afternoon.

Trump Supporter Attacked Twitter Two

Trump Supporter Attacked Twitter
In photos posted to 4chan, the young Trump supporter is seen being rabbit-punched and then looking stunned.

San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia announced in a Facebook post on Friday he was seeking justice for the victims of Thursday’s anti-Trump riot. Garcia used a photo of the young white male Trump supporter seen in an ABC News video running for his life from a mob and being tackled by a Black male. The photo showed the victim being comforted by a SJPD officer with a caption that falsely claimed SJPD had rescued the victim. In reality the boy had been beaten and chased for several blocks, tackled and then fled again before police finally intervened.


san jose screengrab police

The spokeswoman said the SJPD was aware of Seyfudin Mohamud as the alleged self-proclaimed attacker and his information, including the school he attends and that he has roots in Minnesota and probably Somalia that make him a flight risk.

The spokeswoman said the SJPD would not say whether or not they have even spoken to Seyfudin Mohamud. The spokeswoman said this was one case among many, but could not answer about the case when pressed that the chief had advertised this victim as one he promised to bring to justice and that it was the most prominent case having garnered national and international attention.

The spokeswoman also would not say whether the SJPD has identified the victim.

Several videos below show varying viewpoints of the attack. One witness said the victim was beaten and had his hat stolen before he fled from the mob.

Trump Supporter Attacked 4chan

“LMAO, this is on /pol/?

LOL i was there i saw the whole thing.

they stole his hat and punched him a few times
the funniest part was when the white kid was trying to jump into a moving firetruck he was scared for his life, i have the video, give me some (yous) and ill upload here, here screen shot but who wants me to upload it

Video taken before the attack shows the victim calmly and peacefully interacting with an anti-Trump protester.

UPDATE: KPIX-TV reported late Monday that the SJPD have announced no arrests have been made, but that they are “imminent.”

““I can say that arrests are imminent,” Albert Morales of the San Jose Police said.

“So far police have not made any additional arrests, and they are now asking for victims of Thursday night’s violence to step forward to prosecute the people involved.”

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