Thousands of Bernie Sanders Supporters Now Plan to Run For Public Office

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders supporters have taken his message of socialism to heart and now many of them are planning to run for public office. The scary thing is that some of them will win.

Business Insider reports:

BERNIE SANDERS: Almost 7,000 of my supporters just signed up to run for office

Bernie Sanders has inspired thousands of supporters to express interest in running for political office.

After the Vermont senator made an impassioned plea to his supporters during a Thursday-night webcast to carry the “political revolution” forward, his campaign released a statement claiming that nearly 6,700 of his people said that they’d be interested in seeking elected office.

The supporters went to a portal on Sanders’ campaign website,, and signed up to receive more information about running at the local or state level.

The campaign said that roughly 11,000 expressed interest in either running or volunteering to help other Sanders supporters run.

The Democratic presidential hopeful, who has yet to suspend his campaign – although the primary season has ended and he’s won fewer pledged delegates than presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton – called the response “extraordinary.”

“I have no doubt that with the energy and enthusiasm our campaign has shown that we can win significant numbers of local and state elections if people are prepared to become involved,” Sanders said in the release. “This will be part of transforming our country from the bottom on up.”

Just what America needs…

An army of socialist politicians who think climate change is a greater threat than terrorism.

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