Perfect=> Democrats Give Liberal Media Standing Ovation after Sit-In Protest (Video)

Unhinged Democrats held a sit-in protest on the House floor on Wednesday night for more gun control following the Islamist terror attack in Orlando, Florida.
goofy warren sitin

The liberal media cheered the stunt by liberal lawmakers.

After they called off the protest and the caterers left for the day Democrats gave the media a standing ovation.
Newsbusters reported:


During the 26 hours the Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives conducted a “sit-in” in an unsuccessful attempt to force Republican leaders of the chamber to allow votes on oppressive gun control measures, one group received effusive praise from the officials for the coverage of the situation.

Not surprisingly, Rep. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina started his remarks by saying: “Let me begin by thanking the media,” which led to whoops, cheers and a standing ovation from the Democrats who were still in the chamber even though the Republican leaders had turned off all microphones and cameras.

They cheered their partners in the media.

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