MUST SEE=> Rep. Louie Gohmert SCREAMS at Gun Grabbing Democrats at Sit-In: “What About RADICAL ISLAM!” (VIDEO)

On Wednesday Democrat lawmakers hijacked the House floor in a protest to push gun control on law abiding Americans after the Orlando Islamist terrorist attack.

Late last night Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) confronted the gun-grabbing Democrats. Gohmert started screaming, “Radical Islam killed these people!”

gohmert democrats

The Democrats didn’t want to hear that and started to drown him out with their own chanting.


It’s just like the real world. Democrats don’t want to admit the threat of radical Islam and are willing to sacrifice American lives to protect their twisted egos.

Louie told FOX and Friends this morning Democrats weren’t standing up for rights, “They were taking away rights.”

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