Suicide Bomber Dressed as Christian Priest Blows Up Memorial to Christians Slaughtered by Muslims

As reported earlier—
A suicide bomber targeted a memorial service Saturday commemorating the deaths of tens of thousands of Christians by the Ottoman Army in 1915.

At least three people were killed when the bomber blew himself up when he was confronted by security forces at the hall.

The Christian patriarch survived the blast.

The patriarch dedicated the memorial before the attack.

Now this…
The bomber was disguised as a priest. reported:

A SUICIDE bomber ‘disguised as a priest’ killed three people in an attack targeting a Christian leader.

The attacker was trying to kill the head of the Syriac Orthodoc Church, Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II.

The jihadi was stopped at a security checkpoint outside a hall in Qamishli, a city in northeastern Syria.

The bomber detonated his bomb when he was being questioned by Sutoro security officials, killing himself, three guards and wounding five others.

The church chief Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II was not injured.

The suicide bomber had targeted an event commemorating the massacre of Christians more than a century ago.

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