Sick! Hillary Clinton Official Uses Six Year-Old Son to Attack Trump on Twitter

The rule in politics is kids are off limits. But what does it say about the parents who would use their six year-old son to repeatedly attack and bait a presidential candidate online?

Adam Parkhomenko, a Hillary Clinton operative who has served in various capacities in her presidential campaign as Director of Grassroots Engagement for Hillary for America and as director of several 2016 primaries, opened a Twitter account on Thursday in the name and image of his six year-old son Cameron that is being used to attack presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Cameron Parkhomento Twitter Avatar
Cameron Parkhomento Twitter Avatar posted online by his father Adam Parkhomento.

Adam Parkhomento WJLA Screen image
Adam Parkhomento, image via WJLA-TV.

Parkhomenko uses Trump’s Twitter handle in the tweets in an obvious effort to bait Trump into attacking his six year-old son.

The use of their child to attack Trump was done with the blessing of the boy’s mother Kirby Parkhomenko.

“Yes, I’m going to hand off a Twitter account to my son in a decade. In the meantime, enjoy his tweets: @ParkhomenkoC”

“.@AdamParkhomenko did not just create a Twitter for our 6 year old son, @ParkhomenkoC, that he plans to hand off to him in a decade 😳 #ohmy”

“If my dad was @realDonaldTrump and invited me to speak at his convention: instant no.”

“I have lost 2 more teeth than the number of tax returns @realDonaldTrump has released in this campaign. Oh, and I’ve only lost 2 in my life.”

“its bed time but thanks to you i already have more real followers now than @realDonaldTrump night”

The father posted a plea for followers for his son’s account accompanied with a campaign photo of his boss, Hillary Clinton.

“Cameron wanted a cell phone. Settled on a Twitter account. Give the kid that puts up with me a follow @ParkhomenkoC”

The Twitter bio written for the six year-old boy includes the Hillary Clinton campaign slogan hashtag #ImWithHer.

“Cameron Parkhomenko @ParkhomenkoC Son to @AdamParkhomenko and @ParkhomenkoK. Tweets that will embarrass me later in life by them. Gold Fish and Pirate Popcorn Aficionado. #ImWithHer”

Actullay, it is the parents who should be embarrassed and ashamed for using their son in this way.

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