CAUGHT ON VIDEO=> San Jose Firefighters ABANDON White Teen Trump Supporter As He Is Beaten by Mob

Disturbing video surfaced this week of the attacks on a teen Trump supporter who fled for his life from a terror mob after he attended a rally in San Jose, California last Thursday by presumptive Republican party presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The video is a compilation of some of the attacks on Trump supporters in San Jose.

teen beat trump rally
The young teen Trump supporter was sucker punched from behind when leaving the Trump rally. Notice the black youths laughing as the teen in beaten from behind.

Starting at 1:27 the video shows the teen, wearing a red Donald Trump for President t-shirt reacting as a group of Black males in front of him plays with the teen’s red Make America Great Again hat that they had just stolen from off of his head.

The teen is then rabbit punched in the back of the head by a muscular Black man. He doubles over from the blow and starts to walk away. The teen is seen with a stunned, disgusted look on his face as he passes the camera.

Trump Supporter Attacked Twitter

The Black man follows, screaming at the teen. He catches up and throws a second hard rabbit punch to the back of the teen’s head. (The attacker appears to land both punches with his left.)

The teen then takes off from the mob and is seen a few seconds later approaching a San Jose firetruck in traffic.

teen fire truck
The teen can be seen pleading for help at one of the windows of the firetruck and literally reaches out for help.

According to a family friend, the teen says the firefighter inside rolled up the window as the firetruck blared its horn and pulled away from the teen as the terror mob caught up to him.


The clip ends with the teen Trump supporter being tackled by Black Muslim Seyfudin Mohamud. Mohamud can be glimpsed in the clip among the group of Black men initially attacking the teen.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, the teen’s family is “not happy with the police, fire department…and the city of San Jose.”

The person who filmed the attack on the teen thought it was funny.

Trump Supporter Attacked 4chan

“LMAO, this is on /pol/?

LOL i was there i saw the whole thing.

they stole his hat and punched him a few times
the funniest part was when the white kid was trying to jump into a moving firetruck he was scared for his life, i have the video, give me some (yous) and ill upload here, here screen shot but who wants me to upload it”

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