SECURITY WARNING: ISIS Fighters – Disguised as Migrants, Traveling by Boat – Heading to France from Syria

migrants greece
Migrants flood into Europe from the war torn Middle East.

ISIS announced in November it sent THOUSANDS of fighters to Europe disguised as refugees.

French security officials announced ISIS may have left Syria for France and Belgium this past week for attacks in Europe.
FOX News reported:


Small groups of extremists may have left Syria for France and Belgium with plans to stage attacks, a French security official said Wednesday.

Police and anti-terrorism investigators have been alerted to the threat.

Belgian intelligence services sent a note to French counterparts about the possible groups, and it was sent to police across France on Tuesday, the official said.

French authorities remain “very cautious” about the information because they receive such notes routinely, the official said.

The official said the information does not change the government’s overall understanding of the threat. France is already under high alert because Islamic State extremists targeted Paris last year and have threatened violence during the European Championship soccer tournament.

The terrorists reportedly left Turkey by boat to Greece disguised as migrants.
RT reported:

There were no immediate plans to raise the security level to the maximum showing an imminent threat of an attack, the source added.

The terrorists in question “left Syria about a week and a half ago to reach Europe via Turkey and Greece by boat without passports,” Belgian newspaper DH reported, quoting the alert.

Security officials are concerned about attacks during the Euro 2016 tournament in France.

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