San Jose Rally Video, Photos of Joyous, Peaceful Trump Supporters Before Attack By #NeverTrump Thugs

Video and photos posted online by Trump campaign Senior Adviser Dan Scavino, Jr. late Thursday night of the rope line at Donald Trump’s San Jose rally show a joyous, peaceful crowd of diverse Californians that stands in stark contrast to the angry, violent #NeverTrump protesters who would later chase and attack the Trump supporters as they exited the rally.

trump rally inside

Scavino is also the Director of Social Media for the Trump campaign. He took photos and video of Trump supporters in the front rows of the San Jose rally as Trump, as is his custom after rallies, took the time after his speech to sign autographs and pose for selfies with supporters.

“I took a lot of pics from @realDonaldTrump’s viewpoint-on the rope line tonight- in San Jose, California. #Trump2016”

“.@realDonaldTrump’s rally in San Jose with the #TrumpTrain- before the thugs & criminals showed their true colors.”

San Francisco CBS affiliate KBCW-TV showed video of angry, violent #NeverTrump protesters.

One mob attack on a Trump supporter prompted the KBCW on scene reporter Len Ramirez to yell at the victim, “Run! Get the hell out of here!” for his safety from the mob.

Another Trump supporter was seen being chased by a mob ‘like prey’ until he ran into police officers who protected him from the #NeverTrump thugs.

The KBCW report also showed a mob of #NeverTrump protesters attacking and rocking cars with Trump supporters in them as they tried to leave a parking garage.

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