San Jose Firefighters REFUSED TO HELP Pleading Teen Trump Supporter Fleeing Terror Mob

A family friend of the teen Trump supporter wearing a red Trump for president t-shirt who was seen in video shown nationwide fleeing and being tackled by a terror mob of anti-Trump rioters told The Gateway Pundit that San Jose firefighters refused to help the terrorized teenage boy when he ran up to their firetruck. The source says the firefighters “rolled their window up when he asked for help at the fire truck.” Video taken by a bystander shows the fleeing teen approaching a firetruck and then being left in the street to the mob as the firetruck drove away.


Before the boy fled the mob he had been beaten and his hat stolen according to a witness who posted photos to 4chan. The witness sickeningly described the teen’s attempt to get help from the San Jose firetruck as ‘funny’.

“the funniest part was when the white kid was trying to jump into a moving firetruck he was scared for his life…”

Trump Supporter Attacked Twitter Two

Trump Supporter Attacked Twitter

Top photo shows the teen Trump supporter being rabbit punched by a man described by the witness as a “nigga”: “pic related is the poor kid getting punched in the back of the head, by a nigga”

Trump Supporter Attacked 4chan

“LMAO, this is on /pol/?

LOL i was there i saw the whole thing.

they stole his hat and punched him a few times
the funniest part was when the white kid was trying to jump into a moving firetruck he was scared for his life, i have the video, give me some (yous) and ill upload here, here screen shot but who wants me to upload it”

Video taken by a bystander (not the 4chan poster) in San Jose, California last Thursday of the anti-Trump riots outside of where presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was holding a campaign rally shows the teenage boy running for his life as he is chased, tackled and then flees again from a horde of rioters.

The teen can be seen running up to a San Jose fire truck. After a moment, the firetruck drives away blasting its horn, leaving the teen in the street. The teen starts running again only to be tackled by Seyfudin Mohamud, a Black Muslim male likely from Somalia. Mohamud bragged online about tackling the fleeing teen.

The family friend told The Gateway Pundit the teen’s parents are, to put it mildly, “not happy with the police, fire department…and the city of San Jose.”

The San Jose Police Department has not arrested Seyfudin Mohamud. the SJPD has his information, according to a spokeswoman who spoke with The Gateway Pundit on Monday. The department is dragging its heels even though the SJPD is aware Mohumad is a flight risk with ties to Minnesota and likely Somalia. KPIX-TV reported late Monday that the SJPD have announced no arrests have been made, but that they are “imminent.”

““I can say that arrests are imminent,” Albert Morales of the San Jose Police said.”

Chief Eddie Garcia used a photo of the teen victim in a Facebook post on Friday that vowed to seek justice for victims of the riot.

san jose screengrab police

The caption to the photo falsely claims the SJPD rescued the teen. By the time he found police officers willing to help him the teen had already been beaten, had his hat stolen, was chased, was turned away by San Jose firefighters, chased again and then tackled, and then chased yet again before finally being ‘rescued’ by the SJPD.

Other videos show the chase from different viewpoints. Also, a video by Breitbart News shows the teen before the attack acting calm and peaceful as he interacts with an anti-Trump protester.

In the Brietbart video, the teen can be seen wearing a red Make America Great Again ball cap that was later stolen when he was attacked and beaten by the terror mob.

A closing question: How does a parent explain to their child that the police and firefighters–whose job IT is to protect people–abandoned that child to a violent mob in plain view in broad daylight in a major American city in the year 2016?

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