Stunning: Biased Reporters Defend Hillary Clinton During Trump Speech

Reporters defended Hillary Clinton during the full-on attack speech on Clinton by Donald Trump in posts online Wednesday morning. The Hillary Clinton campaign approvingly retweeted some of the reporters’ comments.

Domenico Montanaro, NPR:

“CW – That was a great speech if you ignore the facts”

William Edwards, AFP:

“Wildly inaccurate and unsubstantiated facts from #Trump on #Clinton”

Ali Vitali, NBC News:

“Note change here — now it’s Clinton’s *judges*, not her, that will “virtually abolish” the 2nd amend. Still untrue.”

Michael Wilner, Jerusalem Post:

“#Trump’s statement that #Clinton wants to accept “hundreds of thousands” of refugees from Mideast wars is completely false. #Syria #Iraq”

Ken Dilianian, NBC News, defended Clinton on Benghazi:

“Not supported by the available evidence.”

Glenn Kessler, Washington Post:

“Trump might have stronger argument for not being in it for himself if his companies weren’t benefiting so much from his campaign dough.”

Ben Jacobs, The Guardian:

“This is a lie from Trump: For the amount of money Clinton would like to spend on refugees, we could rebuild every inner city in America.”

Pete Schroeder, The Hill:

“So “probably” turns into “fact” in 14 words.”

Republican National Committee spokesman Michael C. Short defended Trump from bad reporting by Luke Russert of NBC News:

“Actually that was from a letter he received from mother of a slain police officer.”

“Trump: Hillary Clinton needs to go to prison for the crimes already committed against our country”

Short also had to correct Tamara Keith with NPR and NBC’s Alex Seitz-Wald for the same error in their reporting.

Short also went after the Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone snark defense of MSNBC’s Brian Williams from Trump:

“I mean, NBC Nightly News to a cable net no one watches or takes seriously …”

“Brian Williams picks up MSNBC anchoring after Trump speech in which the candidate said Williams’ “career was destroyed.””

Short pointed out the hypocrisy of the New York Times annoncing they were ‘fact-checking’ Trump’s speech when they failed to fact-check Clinton’s speech attacking Trump given yesterday.

“We’re fact-checking Donald Trump’s speech”

“Yesterday, NY Times did NOT announce they were fact checking @HillaryClinton’s speech.”

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