Poll: Voters Say Donald Trump Is More Honest Than Hillary By 2-1 Margin

According to the latest Rasmussen poll voters find Donald Trump more honest than Crooked Hillary Clinton by a 2-1 margin.
hillary confused

And only 27% of Democrats say Hillary is honest… but they’ll vote for her anyway.
The Examiner reported:

Not that they believe either presidential candidate has cornered the market on honesty, more likely voters believe that Republican Donald Trump is “more honest” than Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Rasmussen Reports on Wednesday said that 30 percent believe Trump “is more honest than most other politicians.”

When it comes for Clinton, said the pollster, “Just half as many — 15 percent — think Clinton is more honest than most of her peers.”

The honesty gap for Clinton is evident even among Democrats. For example, only 27 percent believe Clinton is more honest than other politicians. But 50 percent of Republicans believe Trump is more honest than other politicians.

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