Politico Reporter Says Violent Trump Protesters Are “Responding in Kind”

Ben Schreckinger

Politico reporter Ben Schreckinger has a new piece on the recent violence perpetrated against Trump suppporters but claims the rioters were just “responding in kind.” That’s a blatant lie.

From the report:

Violent cycle surrounds Trump campaign

The candidate is going to rhetorical extremes, and protesters are responding in kind.

Outside Donald Trump’s campaign rallies in recent days, protesters have gathered and, increasingly, clashed violently with Trump supporters and police. Inside, Trump is going to new rhetorical extremes in his attempts to delegitimize a Mexican-American judge. Together, they’re forming an increasingly combustible atmosphere as the campaign enters the summer and temperatures here climb into triple digits.

Trump has in the past vowed to become more “presidential” after dispatching his primary foes, and many political observers hoped tensions would decrease as Trump pivoted to appeal to broader swath of voters in the general election.

Politico is known for leaning left and Schreckinger was recently ejected from a Trump rally for reporting from the event without proper press credentials.


A quick look at his Twitter feed reveals he wasn’t happy about that:

Perhaps he’d prefer covering the Hillary campaign. This is how she treats reporters:

Hillary ropes reporters


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