PLAIN TRUTH FROM TRUMP: “If you choose Hillary Clinton, this country is gonna die.”

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A new piece at Politico details some of Donald Trump’s recent comments on what would happen if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency. Leftists won’t like it at all because the truth hurts.

From the article:

Trump: Pick Clinton and ‘this country is gonna die’

Donald Trump unleashed a barrage of attacks on Hillary Clinton on Friday, hitting her on everything from her political talent to her ties to President Barack Obama, tying it all back to a central message: His likely opponent would make a terrible president.

“If you choose Hillary Clinton, this country is gonna die. It’s gonna die,” Trump said during a rally in Redding, California. “She’s not respected by other countries.”

After the Democratic front-runner’s blistering rebuke of Trump’s foreign policy on Thursday in which she warned that his election would be “a historic mistake” and declared him “temperamentally unfit” for the White House, Trump fired back.

“Frankly, I honestly believe — and I really mean this — I think that Hillary Clinton is unfit to lead our country, certainly at this time,” Trump said. “I think she’s unfit. She doesn’t have what it takes.”

The real estate mogul dismissed Clinton’s criticism of his temperament, arguing that his is strong as he derided the former secretary of state.

“’I don’t like his temperament; I don’t like his tone,’” Trump said, mocking his likely general election opponent. “Let me tell you, there’s nobody with a better temperament than me. I have a temperament for winning. I’ve won all my life, and we’re gonna start winning for you, OK?”

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Trump is right. Hillary would continue most of Obama’s disastrous policies and expand many of them. She would likely import the refugees Obama has been pushing for and do nothing to secure the border.

She would go after law abiding gun owners by trying to enact very strict gun control. She would do nothing to reel in our completely out-of-control PC culture or the progressive takeover of college campuses.

Finally, we know what her foreign policy would look like because we’ve been witnessing it for years. The world is an absolute mess and she deserves much of the blame.

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