ISIS Support: More Than 65 MILLION Muslims ADMIT to Supporting ISIS

No smasyed farook tashfeen
Tashfeen Malik, from Pakistan, and her terrorist husband Syed Farook murdered 14 innocents in San Bernardino, California in December.

At least 9 American members of ISIS were immigrants to the United States.
isis americans

Although most Muslims say they do not support ISIS a significant number of Muslims admit they support the Islamic State.
More than 65 million Muslims openly support ISIS.
pew isis
Via Pew Polling

20% of Muslims in Nigeria and 28% in Pakistan admit to supporting the Islamic State.

That means 15 million Muslims in Nigeria and 49 million Muslims in Pakistan OPENLY support ISIS.

Islamic expert Immanuel Al-Manteeqi at The Federalist reported:

Although supporters of extremist Islamist groups make up a relatively small percentage of the total Muslim population, this leads to underestimating the scope of the Islamist problem. In absolute numbers, more than 60 million Muslims the world over, a population roughly equal to that of the United Kingdom, holds a favorable view towards ISIS. Millions more are unsure about whether they hold a favorable or unfavorable view towards ISIS, according to Pew research.

So when events like this occur, people who raise religious concerns do not blame all Muslims, but blame the religious ideology that motivates such hatred, a religious ideology that ultimately has roots in the Islamic source texts themselves. Fair-minded commentators, therefore, do not dismiss such murderous actions as nihilistic crimes against humanity. Rather, they understand the murderers are motivated not by a nihilistic urge for violence, but by cold and calculated reasoning that runs deep in the Islamic source texts and traditions. These source texts and traditions provide the fertile breeding ground for people like Mateen.

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