People Magazine Story Promotes Transgender SUMMER CAMP FOR KIDS

Trans Camp

In the latest chapter of transgender mania, People Magazine has published a new story about a summer camp for transgender children.

The feminist professor Camille Paglia has said that indulging children in transgenderism is a form of child abuse.

So has the American College of Pediatricians.


From the story:

Transgender Kids Can Fully Be Themselves at This One-Of-A-Kind Summer Camp

Every year, transgender children and their families gather at a unique summer camp for a weekend of bonding, learning and of course, fun and games. The experience – transformative for kids and their parents alike – is the subject of a new documentary, Transgender Kids Camp.

Featured in the film is a mom named Sabrina and her husband Chris, who have attended for seven years in support of their 13-year-old transgender daughter Ryan. In fact, Sabrina was so moved by her initial experience that she is now a parent coordinator at the camp.

“The camp was so impactful for us, and it was impactful for Ryan to see and experience that she wasn’t alone,” Sabrina, 46, tells PEOPLE. “That was huge.”

“[And the camp] is a loving, welcoming environment,” adds Chris.

During the four-day experience, parents attend workshops while kids partake in gender-neutral activities such as swimming and obstacle courses, and everyone comes together at night for campfires. The weekend’s main event is the “Free to Be Me” fashion show on the last night.

Ryan says it’s the highlight of camp.

“It’s different than just wearing feminine clothes every day at school,” says Ryan, who has lived her life as a female since kindergarten.

This story is nothing more than an attempt to make this seem normal and acceptable.

You have to feel for the kids.


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