One Week After Apology Speech in Hiroshima=> Obama Trashes Veterans in Indiana

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Last week, before Memorial Day, Barack Obama went to Hiroshima and apologized for American actions in World War II while ignoring the evils of Imperial Japan.

The Imperial Japanese Military committed thousands of war crimes in World War II resulting in the death of millions of civilians and prisoners of war.

chinese buried alive
Chinese prisoners being buried alive. (Wikipedia)

Pacific War put together this list of a few of the Worst Imperial Army and Navy War Crimes during World War II.

The Rape of Nanking (1937), also known as the Nanjing Massacre


The Bangka Island Massacre (1942): Slaughter of Australian Army Nurses

The Bataan Death March (1942)

The Sandakan Death March (1945)

Murder and cannibalism on the Kokoda Track (1942)

Conscripting women for sexual slavery in Japanese Army brothels (1937-1945)

Mutilation and murder of Dutch civilians in Borneo

Murder and cannibalism – captured American pilots

Murder of American pilots and aircrew at Midway (1942)

The bombing of the hospital ship Manunda (1942)

The sinking of the hospital ship Centaur (1943)

Extermination of survivors of merchant vessels sunk by the Japanese (1943-45)

But facts don’t matter to the current US president.
Last Friday Barack Obama equated all the players in World War II – and ignored the atrocities of the Japanese military.
What an offensive fool.

Now this…
Wednesday in Indiana Barack Obama trashed Veterans of Foreign Wars as stupid patriotic hicks.

Obama spoke in Elkhart, Indiana about his faux accomplishments as president.
During his political speech he trashed Veterans of Foreign Wars.
Transcript via the Rush Limbaugh website:

OBAMA: So the basic story is America’s working class, America’s middle class — families like yours — have been victimized by a big, bloated federal government, run by a bunch of left-wing elitists like me.

AUDIENCE: (silence)

OBAMA: And the government’s taking your hard-earned tax dollars, and it’s giving them to freeloaders and welfare cheats. That’s the story that’s been to’! And I haven’t, y’know, turned on Fox News or listened to conservative talk radio yet today. But I’ve (stammers) turned them on enough over these past 7-1/2 years to know I’m not exaggerating in terms of their story. That’s the story they tell…

RUSH: Okay. Next bite. Here’s Obama and letting you know what he thinks of bitter clingers and where you happen to be…

OBAMA: Tales about welfare queens, talkin’ about takers, talkin’ about the 47% . It’s the story that is broadcast every day —

RUSH: No, it’s not.

OBAMA: — on some cable news stations, on right-wing radio. It’s pumped into cars and bars and VFW halls all across America and right here in Elkhart!

AUDIENCE: (silence)

OBAMA: And if you’re hearin’ that story all the time, you start believin’ it!

AUDIENCE: (silence)

OBAMA: It’s no wonder people think big government is the problem!

RUSH: He didn’t get a lot of applause here, and that really upset Gwen Ifill at PBS, who wrote an angst-filled column ripping the people of Elkhart, Indiana, for not supporting Obama enthusiastically. She wrote, “What gives?” But here again, notice where you people who watch Fox News and listen to this program are. You’re in cars and bars and VFW halls. And, by the way, what goes on at VFW halls?

They’re just a place for veterans to gather and drink and complain and whine about a bunch of namby-pamby liberals, right? That’s what they think goes on at VFW halls. So you idiots in Obama’s mind, you mental midgets that watch Fox and listen to this program, you get all excited hearing about welfare queens. I haven’t used that term in 25 years. Takers? Can’t recall. The 47% ? I mean, that’s Romney. Forty-seven percent? We are in this guy’s head rent free. This is so indicative. But the piece de resistance sound bite is next.

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