Obama Condemns Violent Anti-Trump Rioters Then Immediately Bashes Republicans as Violent

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Obama just can’t help himself. It’s absolutely impossible for him to address an issue or specific situation without being partisan, divisive, and insulting half of the population.

Speaking at a fundraiser last night, Obama condemned the anti-Trump violence but insulted Republicans in the very next breath.

Breitbart reports:


Obama Condemns Violent Anti-Trump Protesters

President Barack Obama condemned violent protesters who were recorded spitting and throwing punches at supporters after a rally in San Jose and pelting them with eggs, food, and water bottles.

“We saw in San Jose these protesters starting to pelt stuff on Trump supporters,” Obama said. “That’s not what our democracy is about. That’s not what you do. There’s no room for violence. There’s no place for shouting.”

That sounds nice enough, but then we get this…

Obama made his remarks during a DNC fundraiser in Miami, Florida on Friday night, criticizing Democrats for imitating the violence under way in the Republican primary process.

“It is very important for us to remind ourselves of who we are and what is best about American democracy, and not slip into some of the bad habits that currently manifest themselves in the other party,” Obama said.

It sounds an awful lot like Obama is saying that Republicans are out in the streets beating up Hillary and Bernie supporters but as everyone knows, that’s not happening.

We’ve had almost eight solid years of this.

Liberals claim Trump is divisive but no one is better at dividing Americans than Obama.

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