NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Blames Trump for Woman Assaulted With Eggs in San Jose (VIDEO)

Andrea Mitchell blames Trump

Add NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to the growing list of hypocritical liberals who are blaming Trump for the actions of violent unhinged leftist rioters in San Jose.

These are the same people who have been pushing a completely fake “War on Women” for years but now that we’ve seen real women assaulted by leftists, they don’t count because they’re Trump supporters.

Here’s what Mitchell said today, transcript via Real Clear Politics:


ANDREA MITCHELL, NBC NEWS: I just came back from California and, I’m heading back there tonight. The fact is that there is tremendous antipathy right now around this whole race. Yet when they closed the registration for California, on Friday night, Sacramento secretary of state announced it is unprecedented, historic, almost 18 million people now registered. 72% of those eligible have registered to vote. And this is, I think, really generated by the concern that the hispanics and others have about Donald Trump.

That awful awful egging of the Trump supporter in San Jose is, I think, you can’t separate it from the egging on, no pun intended, in North Carolina and elsewhere, that he did at his rallies. And what we have come to is a really bad place.

Watch the video:

Do you think Andrea Mitchell would blame Hillary Clinton if this had happened to one of her supporters?

Fat chance.

The media is totally corrupt.

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