MUSLIM YOUTHS Celebrate Holy Ramadan by Stoning Buses in Netherlands (Video)

Muslim youths are celebrating holy Ramadan this year by stoning busses in The Netherlands.
bus attack ramadan dutch

The Muslim youths interviewed say, “It’s funny.”
Via Vlad Tepes:

Violent actions of Muslim youths (especially of North African origin) toward persons and property belong to the Ramadan tradition in the Netherlands, as much as the Mathãus Passion of J.S. Bach to the days before Easter.

In the night between Saturday and Sunday (12 – 13 June) were city busses in the Dutch city of Haarlem pelted by heavy paving stones. A 25 y.o. passenger was hit and brought to the hospital with head injury. The window panes of the bus were broken to pieces.

In Almere had bus company CONNEXXION stop it’s services to the suburb Kruidenwijk after non stop attacks on city busses that had taken place three nights in a row. The busses were attacks by pelted heavy rocks committed by a group of 30 – 40 persons. Attacks on busses had also taking place in Utrecht and Zaandam.

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