WHAT? Muslim Migrant Wants Swedish Taxpayers to FUND HIS 3 WIVES AND 20 CHILDREN

Daham al-Hasan

A Muslim migrant who claims to be unable to work, recently moved to Sweden and wanted taxpayers to foot the bill for his three wives and twenty children. He was surprised to learn that even in Sweden, there are limits.

Mad World News reported:

Muslim Wants Taxpayers To Fund 3 Wives & 20 Kids, Border Control Answers

An entitled Syrian asylum seeker claims he is “too sick” to work or learn his host country’s language, so he’s demanding that taxpayers foot the bill for all three of his wives and 20 children. Just when he thought he was going to get his way, the migrant welfare leech was stopped by border control and given a response that wiped the greedy smile right off his face.

When 47-year-old Daham al-Hasan left Syria for Europe, leftists lauded his bravery and immediately welcomed him into Denmark. However, they soon realized that the migrant was out for all the benefits he could get and that the $32,066 Denmark afforded him per year wasn’t enough to suit the out-of-work asylum seeker. So, he headed to Sweden, where he would gain an extra paycheck per month for each of his 20 children. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t realize he was just a little too late to board the welfare train, thanks to Sweden’s conservatives changing their migration policy.

According to Fria Tider, al-Hasan, a Syrian migrant who claims he is too impaired to get a job but not to continue his trek across Europe, left his home and lavish benefits in Denmark after hearing Sweden would offer more. You can imagine his surprise when Swedish border control stopped him on his way in, telling him that he cannot bring his 2 extra wives and their 12 other children in with him to claim more in welfare.

After leaving Denmark with his first wife and 8 of his 20 children, al-Hasan summoned the second and third wives and his 12 other kids, hoping to milk Sweden’s taxpayers for even more than he previously received. He now realizes that Sweden has denied him entrance, writing him off as an opportunist rather than an actual refugee.

How long will it take for this guy to apply to the U.S. for asylum?

Democrats would just love to have him.



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